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What is a “Miracle Fruit”? The Mysterious Berry that Changes your Mouth!

July 1, 2016 in Personal by sevdha


So today, I decided to vlog about the Miracle Fruit, a fruit, native to Africa, that tricks your taste buds into perceiving sour and bitter things as sweet. So, I invited a few of my friends and we have a tasting party…in the cold, windy weather. We tried the fruit (well, pill that consisted of the grounded remains of the fruit), and funny things happened to our mouths. See the video below:


Tasting the Miracle Fruit for the First Time



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Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

May 23, 2015 in Geeky Stuff by sevdha

Link-Searches-For-The-Majora-Mask-In-All-The-Right-Places-sevdha       I’m  in the middle of playing The Legend of Zelda; Majora’s Mask for the 3DS. I’d like to record my thoughts…but I’m playing the game. That’s all for today.

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Traditional Belly Dancing Old Video

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Top Ten Travel Tips… Jamaican Style!

November 24, 2014 in Uncategorized by sevdha

Top Ten Travel Tips!

As very few of you may know, I have been traveling all around Europe and North Africa for the past few months. I’ve learned a lot from my travels, and would like to share some travel tips with you!

Here are my Top Ten Travel Tips for traveling mainly around Europe!


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Naruto Chapter 700 – Final Chapter Thoughts

November 9, 2014 in anime and manga, Geeky Stuff by sevdha

Dreams of catnip

Dreams of catnip

Let’s start with this picture from 699. Notice that cat being released from the Infinite Tsukuyomi? So…even animals were subject to the deep sleep? I can’t help but wonder…what were you dreaming about, little guy?


        I think everyone can agree that Naruto chapter 700 was just an exhausted imitation of the epilogue of Harry Potter. It was the culmination of the top-skimmings of curdled fanfics. Not that I am saying that I am actually not happy with how some things turned out (some, I must emphasize). But something about it seemed so terribly rushed and improbable.

U. Bolt Did it Again

I just could not help myself. This is why I am a graphic designer.

So, just about every Konoha kid has been paired off with almost every other Konoha kid (except Neji, womp womp). Some were expected, and some were just…too ridiculously expected. Pleasantly expected? Naruto and Hinata, of course. I’ve been secretly rooting for that girl for a hot minute. Shikamaru and Temari? Expected. Ino and Sai………like, wat? In some cases, I wondered if some of them just chose their mates because they felt they had no other choice. Perhaps Konoha’s population was just too damned small (not that that bothered Chouji one bit, seeming to have cast his net into further waters). Perhaps they just felt like they had no time or energy to go fishing, and chose whatever willing fish that would swim into their little swamp (looking at you, SasuSaku).     And then clearly there was some sort of Konoha Pregnancy Pact going on between our beloved Konoha 11 10, because, for some reason all pairs apparently planned to conceive around the same time, seeing that all of their children are in the same year of school. I’m having fun trying to figure out how that came about (at least InoShikaChou has an excuse). Oh, wait! That’s why! They clearly all planned to have children at the same time, so some of it was rushed! It was as though Sasuke looked at Sakura one day and said:


There are two people. Only one is smiling.

“…You hairier than a motherfucker, your personality ain’t much to speak of either. Your cooking ain’t, shit you ain’t clean worth a damn …nasty bitch. But I need somebody around here that’s gonna wash the shit stains out my drawers so… I guess you’ll do.” -Sasuke I don’t know what happened all these years, but I’m not sure Sasuke is really into this whole family/fathering business. I’d venture to say that Sasuke just stuck the tip in, dropped his load and went about his business. ‘Cuz that’s just how a Sasuke do.     Meanwhile, NejiTen fans are probably tightening their nooses at the possibility that this is Tenten’s son.

He has his mother's eyes.

He has his mother’s eyes.

…or probably not. Perhaps I got over-excited that the coincidental juxtaposition of images, placing Rock Lee and his son right before Tenten’s panel. After that euphoric moment of possible misunderstanding, I calmed those tits down and realized that it truly means…nothing. Or does it? Or does it not? Hmm?  Well, until further notice, there are endless possibilities and countless explanations for what’s going on here. I mean, Lee could have dipped his stick elsewhere. Heck, that probably isn’t even his son, but some weird clone-protege situation similar to Guy and Lee’s relationship. But anyway, I know I’ve mentioned this somewhere in my blog before, but if it is in any way confirmed that the little dude is Lee and Tenten’s tadpole, then, well…all I can say is:





So in keeping with the times, Naruto has gotten himself shiny, new Macbook Pro. I’d say a 13.3′ model, by the looks of it. He probably also stores his files on the iCloud Village.     Here’s something that has always perturbed me about Naruto anime. For some reason, children are almost always a perfect copy of their parents…as if there is no form of genetic dimorphism or something. This little fellow is Bolt, presumably born directly from Naruto’s anus.

Naruto' little clone

Nope. No DNA test needed.

Oh, and…



Welcome home, Salad.

      This kid’s name is Salad.

Fuck you, mum.

Fuck you, mum.

Like, seriously. Why. I heard her name has something to do with the goddess Saraswati (which IS super cool), but…what does the “da” have to do with it? Couldn’t they just name her Sara??

ALSO, I hope I’m not the only one in the world who sees this. I could be crazy, and just maybe it’s…

sasuke naruto chapter 700

…but does Sasuke not remind you of a certain someone…?

Turn to page 394...

Turn to page 394…

No? No? You mean no one sees the Snapesuke? Alright, fine.

Kurama fast asleep

Kurama fast asleep drooling snot

Kyuubi is just here for no reason.

metropolis konoha

Konoha is now a bustling Metropolis?

So, the chapter ends with a picturesque view of…Konoha?! Really? Just what happened in the past…like…20 years? How the hell did they get so many skyscrapers up so fast?? Kinda reminds me of a Moroccan city, with the Medina, or old city steeped in tradition enclosed within, and outside of the gate is the “New City”…or some such nonsense.



Chouji’s little girl is super cute and I want to pinch her little chubby cheeks.


Anyway, it was a good…15-year run (Good Lord, rather), and I must say…I am pretty sad to see it go (not that I have been paying attention to it religiously, lately)…but it really did take up a good chunk of my life, this manga, and possibly that one I’ve stuck with the longest. Kishimoto, thank you for this little source of happiness in my li–wait, he’s not even going to see this anyway. But if by some miracle he does, I must say, otsukaresama deshita, and thank you. Thank you for for writing such a captivating story. Thank you for filling much of my life with joy and torrential rains of war-ships, and thank you for Rock Lee. Especially Rock Lee. Yeah.     …now, on to One Piece.

One piece reference in naruto

One Piece Jolly Roger on Naruto’s forehead

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The Official [Belly Dance Challenges] Playlist

September 26, 2014 in anime and manga, Belly Dance Challenge, Dance, dancey business, Geeky Stuff by sevdha

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Brand New World One Piece Opening Belly Dance Challenge

September 26, 2014 in Belly Dance Challenge, Dance, dancey business by sevdha

Today, we belly dance to One Piece Opening Theme Song, Brand New World!
Requested by: Felipe Delvalle – “Fito”

Bloopers Reel

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Welcome to the Belly Dance Challenge

September 22, 2014 in Belly Dance Challenge by sevdha

Welcome to the Belly Dance Challenge!
Every week, professional belly dancers perform a belly dance to a challenge requested by the audience. Belly dancers have one hour to figure out how to belly dance to the unusual request. Bloopers and hilarity ensues!

Bloopers Reel

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Belly Dance Challenge #2 – Gangnam Style

September 22, 2014 in Belly Dance Challenge, Dance, dancey business by sevdha

Today, we belly dance to Gangnam Style!
Requested by: ?

Bloopers Reel

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Belly Dance Challenge #1 – The Super Mario Bros. Theme Song

September 22, 2014 in Belly Dance Challenge by sevdha

Today, we belly dance to the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song
Requested by: Orlando Pagan

Bloopers Reel